Smart or normal wireless room thermostat
Temperature adjustment via room thermostat
Control with mobile application, Digital LCD Backlight Display
Touch Display, Outside Temperature Indicator, Battery Indicator
Control your house temperature with location mode
Daily and Weekly Program
6 Different Modes Options (Home Mode-Sleep Mode-Outside Mode-Program Mode-Location Mode-Manual Mode)
Data Reports of Past Working and Temperature
Weather Information

Smart Location Feature

With location mode, you can lower the temperature of your house when you move away or increase the temperature when you get close.

Reports of Past Working and Temperature

Smart room thermostat allows you to graphically view the working hours of your heating unit, the temperature of your home and the outside temperature according to the date range selected from the mobile application.

General HT500 Set Smart Room Thermostat is used on heating systems for fix the adjusted or desired room temperature. It is usable with all boiler models which have got On-Off output

Homes, Apartments, Trade areas, Light industrial buildings, Zone valves, Thermal valves, Gas or oil burners, Fans, pumps.

With 6 different modes of General HT500 Set Smart Room Thermostat's Manual, Home, Outside, Sleep, Program and Location mods, you can warm up as you want and you can save money.
Manual Mode: Allows you to set the degree to which you can determine the warmth of your home.
Home Mode: Will fix temperature on set value. Recommended to use when you are at home. Suggested otemperature value is 23C.
Outside Mode: suggested to use when you are outside of your house for short or long time.
Sleep Mode: Provides you comfy sleep with set temperature you desire. You can use this mode between 11 opm to 7 am which is common sleeping hours. Suggested temperature value is 18C
Program Mode: Allows you to program weekly as 30 minute time periods which will automatically change temperature in your home with your program.
Location Mode: Reduces the temperature of your home when you move away from home, or increases the temperature of your home when you approach your home.
Product Dimensions
Length 25.5 mm
Width 74 mm
Height 131 mm
Product Details
Supply Voltage 5V DC (Adapter)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy 0.1°C
Operating Sensitivity 0.5°C
Temperature Setting Range 0.1°C - 1.0°C
Wi-Fi Connection Frequency Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
Communication Distance 100 m. (Open Area)
Packing Details
Packing Type
Packing Shape
Weight 592 gr
Modem Infos
Length 85 mm
Width 90 mm
Height 28.5 mm
Supply Voltage 220V (AC)
Relay Com-No Switching Current 7A (220V AC)

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General HT500 Set Smart Room Thermostat

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